Tenacious Tuesday Heroines


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Valentina Tereshkova b. 1937-Current from Maslennikovo, Russia
Tenacious Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova was the very first woman to go into space in 1963, spending approximately three days in space, and orbiting the earth 48 times!
Before volunteerily joining the space program in Russia in 1961, she had no prior piloting experience, but she was accepted because of her 126 successful parachute jumps, which parachute jumping was crucial to piloting the space capsule seconds before it hit the ground back to Earth.
She was one of five women put into an 18 month training program that tested their ability to remain in isolation for long periods of time, and extreme gravity conditions. Only Valentina made it to space.
She was titled, “Hero of the Soviet Union” and received the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star Medal. She only went to space once and after the expedition, she became a spokesperson for the Soviet Union and was awarded the “United Nations Gold Medal of Peace.”
How Tenacious is this Women all the way from Russia! I honor Women from all different parts of the globe, showing us anything is possible only if we believe it and put our work into it!
Wabi Sabi


katharine hepburn
Katharine Hepburn – Actress – b. 1907 – 2003 — f. Connecticut, U.S
Maya Angelou – Writer & Poet — b. 1928 – 2014 — f. Missouri, U.S
Hypatia of Alexandria — Mathematician, Astronomer, & Philosopher — b. 355 C.E – 415 C.E — f. Alexandria, Egypt during Roman Empire
maykao hang
May Kao Hang — CEO of Wilder Foundation — b. 1972 – Current — f. MN, U.S
gladys elphick
Gladys Elphick — Advocate for women & Indigenous rights — b. 1904 – 1988 — f. Adelaide, Australia
Oprah Winfrey – T.V Host, Entrepeneur, & Philanthropist — b. 1954 – Current — f. Mississippi, U.S


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