Tenacious Tuesday Heroines – Maykao Hang

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MayKao Hang

This Tuesday series is where I highlight an amazing women and share her words of wisdom to you all.

This week’s Heroine is Maykao Hang. Dr. Maykao Hang is a remarkable woman who holds the position as the president and CEO at Amherst H. Wilder Foundation. Aside from this, her works in helping marginalized communities and her ambitious mind is what makes her tenacious!
At age 16 she went to Germany as an exchange student, showing her fearlessness at the time of when it was unheard of for Hmong girls to even leave the home.
Her unrelenting ambition to continue learning and growing anywhere she goes is something admirable!

Not having many resources, she had to rely on her resourcefulness to get her to where she is now. In 2017 she was named as one of the most admired CEOs.

When I first saw her speak at my university back in 2013, she inspired me greatly to find my place in the world and be my best self. She was the first Hmong woman that I felt that resemebled the side of me I was shying away from. She is a leader, a Go-Getter, and a risk-taker.

I look back at myself in 2013, and am so proud of how far of come, because of MayKao’s story and her reassurance.

Here is an great interview and digging deep into her life.

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