Tenacious Tuesday Heroines – Maya Angelou

maya angelou

In celebration of the last day of Black History Month, I wanted to highlight Beautiful Maya Angelou: A beautiful writer, a strong woman with such a bright soul and intelligent mind, she was my role model, Oprah’s, greatest mentor.
Despite sexual abuse in her early ages, which eventually led her to mutism, she stopped talking but engulfed herself into books. With great strength, she regained her voice years later with the help of a mentor, and has told her stories and enlightened us with her wisdom. Throughout here life, Maya worked as a singer, dancer, actress, composer, and Hollywood’s first female black director. She is most known as a writer, editor, essayist, playwright, and poet. Ontop of her many writing awards, she is quite TENACIOUS!
Maya Angelou passed away in 2014, yet I honor Maya Angelou on this day. 

Wabi Sabi

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