NO SHAVE NOVEMBER CAMPAIGN – Daaamn You’re Beautiful

Yo Yo ! It’s no shave November. It’s getting cooooold. I need all the hair I can grow haha. But forreal whose struggled with body hair? Who has always had to hide it or use all these hair removing products, just to fit in the mold of societal beauty standards? I know I have. IfContinue reading “NO SHAVE NOVEMBER CAMPAIGN – Daaamn You’re Beautiful”

I heal. You Heal. We all Heal. The Asian Women Healing & Creative Collective

Learning to embrace every part of me–Learning and understanding that I’m beautiful–Not feeling ashamed or not looking down on myself and truly learning to accept myself as I come was something I focused so hard on for the last 2 years and of course I still continuously have so much more work to do withinContinue reading “I heal. You Heal. We all Heal. The Asian Women Healing & Creative Collective”

#metoo? – Sexual Assault can be confusing. It comes in many forms.

#metoo? With a question mark, is something we experience all too often. What I experienced, was it really rape? Was it really wrong? Does that even count? I’m probably just being emotional and dramatic like what EVERYONE tells me. But Hell no. You’re experience is validated. And if it FEELS WRONG, IT IS WRONG. WhatContinue reading “#metoo? – Sexual Assault can be confusing. It comes in many forms.”

A Powerful all Hmong Women Collective Story-Telling

Since February, I’ve had the pleasure to work with four wonderful Hmong women  to rehearse for our show, Face to Face: Hmong Women’s Experiences with Park Square Theatre. It’s amazing to commune with women who share the same identity as me, but see that we carry ourselves in our own unique and powerful way, butContinue reading “A Powerful all Hmong Women Collective Story-Telling”

Bald Asian Women Project: Empowerment Photo shoot & more

DAM* YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL CREATIVE EMPOWERMENT PHOTO SHOOT- Calling for Bald Asian Women/who want/plan to go bald of all SHAPES, SIZES, TEXTURES, AND SPICES! No need to be a America’s Next Top Model. I want you as you come. ❤  In part of Wabi Sabi’s Dam* You’re Beautiful movement, I am calling out to current bald AsianContinue reading “Bald Asian Women Project: Empowerment Photo shoot & more”

Dam* You’re Beautiful: Be Bare. Be Authentic. Be Imperfect.

 As a baby, when placed in front of a mirror, we giggle and smile at the sight of our reflection. So much joy It gave us to look at ourselves. A woman who attended my self-love workshop last week shared this insight with our group. She shared about how when they placed a mirror inContinue reading “Dam* You’re Beautiful: Be Bare. Be Authentic. Be Imperfect.”

DAM* You’re Beautiful’s First Ever Workshop

In three day’s I will be hosting my first ever Dam* You’re Beautiful (DYB) Workshop: Working Toward’s Self-Love. DYB was first initiated in Oct 2018, to encourage women to empower one another and acknowledge one another’s unique beauty. We are all different, with different talents, personalities, and physicality. There really isn’t ONE beauty. And that’sContinue reading “DAM* You’re Beautiful’s First Ever Workshop”

When in a Toxic Relationship: Reflect

“This beautiful toxic love of mine .” When you find yourself in a toxic relationship where you always feel like your holding your breath, there’s no space to breathe, there are no boundaries, and you cry more than you smile, ask yourself why you’re enduring this?      Of course, there are beautiful moments andContinue reading “When in a Toxic Relationship: Reflect”

Accepting Me, My Sexuality, & I

To struggle and struggle about the idea of who you are, and to reject yourself to be like the others, because what you like is not like the others. But, how long can you hide yourself? You are not like the others. Age 16. If you looked at me, you would never have known thatContinue reading “Accepting Me, My Sexuality, & I”

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Me Going Bald

But this is an Act for all my Girls and Women! IT’S A WARRIOR CRY TO RECLAIM OURSELVES in a society that influences us to conform to strict gender roles, ESPECIALLY IN MY HMONG COMMUNITY.  -Cydi Most Frequently Asked Questions about Me Going Bald Why did you do it? I find it hard to explainContinue reading “Most Frequently Asked Questions about Me Going Bald”