DYB Workshop #3: Transcending Negative Self-Talk

Hello Beautifuls. Since we were not able to discuss Negative Self-Talk in the last workshop, we are going to have one full workshop on this! Negative self-talk is detrimental to our growth and well-being. We have to wonder, when did this negative belief of ourselves sprout? Did we believe this when we were born, orContinue reading “DYB Workshop #3: Transcending Negative Self-Talk”

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Me Going Bald

But this is an Act for all my Girls and Women! IT’S A WARRIOR CRY TO RECLAIM OURSELVES in a society that influences us to conform to strict gender roles, ESPECIALLY IN MY HMONG COMMUNITY.  -Cydi Most Frequently Asked Questions about Me Going Bald Why did you do it? I find it hard to explainContinue reading “Most Frequently Asked Questions about Me Going Bald”

Tenacious Tuesday Heroines – Hypatia of Alexandria

  She is the true mark of Tenacity: A brilliant mind, a fearless women, and great influencer of her time. And because of her powerful presence, she was brutally murdered in the worst way imagined. In the times of religious divide between Christians, Jews, and Pagans and strict gender roles in Alexandria, Egypt, Hypatia wasContinue reading “Tenacious Tuesday Heroines – Hypatia of Alexandria”