We sometimes don’t know it, but we act through past traumas that still have a hold on us. Do you sometimes wonder why you get so triggered by a certain smell, comment, or action? It sometimes ruins your mood for the whole day? What is the root of this? For me, I get deeply triggeredContinue reading “DYB WORKSHOP #2: UNDERSTANDING TRIGGERS & TRANSCENDING SELF-TALK”

Spirituality and Purpose: What it Means to Me

Since Fall of 2017, I’ve embarked on this deep spiritual journey to connect back to my roots. The roots that made me. Me. Not the Cydi that was created by the beliefs of my culture, what my parents told me, or the negative messages from my surroundings and society. I had to re-discover the CydiContinue reading “Spirituality and Purpose: What it Means to Me”

Where is my home? – Diary of a Hmong-Meeka girl

so, here you are too foreign for home too foreign for here. never enough for both. — Ijeoma Umebinyuo Where is my true home? Where do I come from if not here. Ever since I looked up Laos for my sixth grade FACs project, hoping to see Hmong people pop up, owning their “Home,” IContinue reading “Where is my home? – Diary of a Hmong-Meeka girl”

My 7 year addiction

When you think, “addiction,” the things that pop into your mind are probably, drugs? Alcohol? Prescription pills? But, addiction runs deeper than just these. Addiction carries many faces: over-eating, video games, sleeping, shopping, coffee, and sex. And the list goes on. As for me, I was addicted to the one thing every single person inContinue reading “My 7 year addiction”

Your Situation Does NOT Define you

You graduated college and there are boundless opportunities. You hold high hopes and dreams for that big adult job you’re supposed to magically get after college. But, after months of looking, swiping, applying, interviewing, rejection stings. In the end, you’re a college graduate, working a job out of your field, getting paid $14 an hour.Continue reading “Your Situation Does NOT Define you”

Book of July 2018: The Power of Now

If thoughts of cheating boyfriends, late bills, and failed job interviews fill your mind constantly, and you seem to have no power to control your thoughts, you may want to read this book. #1 New York’s Bestseller, one of Oprah’s recommended books, The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle holistically teaches you to be consciousContinue reading “Book of July 2018: The Power of Now”