We sometimes don’t know it, but we act through past traumas that still have a hold on us. Do you sometimes wonder why you get so triggered by a certain smell, comment, or action? It sometimes ruins your mood for the whole day? What is the root of this? For me, I get deeply triggeredContinue reading “DYB WORKSHOP #2: UNDERSTANDING TRIGGERS & TRANSCENDING SELF-TALK”

Wabi Sabi’s not just my name, it’s a way of life

Wabi Sabi, a commonly mispronounced word  as wasabi. I can assure you that Wabi Sabi is far from wasabi. Back in 2016, I changed my personal Facebook name to Wabi Sabi. And the reason I did was after discovering the beautiful Japanese saying in the book, Another Country. I fell in love with it. The meaningContinue reading “Wabi Sabi’s not just my name, it’s a way of life”

My 7 year addiction

When you think, “addiction,” the things that pop into your mind are probably, drugs? Alcohol? Prescription pills? But, addiction runs deeper than just these. Addiction carries many faces: over-eating, video games, sleeping, shopping, coffee, and sex. And the list goes on. As for me, I was addicted to the one thing every single person inContinue reading “My 7 year addiction”

5 Things You Should Know About College

It’s about that time to prepare for a new chapter in your life: College. I know. You’re probably freaking out, telling yourself, “OMG am I the only one that has no idea what I want to major in!” Truth is, you’re not. So breathe. If you’re planning to live on campus, you may be feelingContinue reading “5 Things You Should Know About College”