Your Situation Does NOT Define you

You graduated college and there are boundless opportunities. You hold high hopes and dreams for that big adult job you’re supposed to magically get after college. But, after months of looking, swiping, applying, interviewing, rejection stings. In the end, you’re a college graduate, working a job out of your field, getting paid $14 an hour.Continue reading “Your Situation Does NOT Define you”

Book of July 2018: The Power of Now

If thoughts of cheating boyfriends, late bills, and failed job interviews fill your mind constantly, and you seem to have no power to control your thoughts, you may want to read this book. #1 New York’s Bestseller, one of Oprah’s recommended books, The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle holistically teaches you to be consciousContinue reading “Book of July 2018: The Power of Now”

Don’t allow the “emptiness” to consume you

I observe how my loved ones fill their emptiness with alcohol, drugs, and temporary thrills. I find myself unconsciously going out, drinking and partying in attempt to fill the incompleteness inside of me. I see wonderful women and men fill their emptiness with the company of unimportant bachelors/bachelorettes, throwing themselves at strangers, and even hookingContinue reading “Don’t allow the “emptiness” to consume you”