To the Woman Whom came Before me: Reflection and Rant of a grieving Hmong Granddaughter

There’s so much I have to say Tais… There are so much unspoken feelings; Too many angry words thrown into the pile and not enough gratitude passed through my lips into your ears. Not enough understanding of what you were going through; that the beautiful, fierce strong woman I knew was deteriorating at such aContinue reading “To the Woman Whom came Before me: Reflection and Rant of a grieving Hmong Granddaughter”

It’s Out: Relieved, video series

Last week, I posted a blog confessing my brokenness swirled in depression and anxiety, and my journey to self love and self care. I am so proud of everyone who has reached out to me confiding in me about their own struggles. I hope this journey we take together will be a great one. Let’sContinue reading “It’s Out: Relieved, video series”

Stage 1: It’s out

My Journey with Depression and anxiety Stage 1: It’s out Masking: the art of pretending you’re something you’re not or that you feel a certain type of way when you actually don’t feel that way at all. Depression is one of the worst feelings in the world. When you fall into depression, most of theContinue reading “Stage 1: It’s out”

Daddy Issues

Why I look for you in every man Why you were the only person I felt that loved me as a child How I grew from you when my body grew How I yearned To sit on your lap again To hold your hands To sit on your shoulders How I felt like I lostContinue reading “Daddy Issues”