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What is it?

Healing through the power of words – Asian Women Healing & Creative Collective

Your Expression. Your Art. Your Voice.

When people search “Asian Women” let it not be because they want to see someone exotic and foreign, but STRONG, RESILIENT, BEAUTIFUL ASIAN WOMEN.

The Asian Women Healing & Creative Collective was created through Livin’ Wabi Sabi in part of the Daaamn You’re Beautiful movement in encouraging women and girls to embrace their imperfect selves as already perfect, to embody their true essence and understand that beauty and womenhood comes in all shapes, sizes, and an array of experiences. It’s about joining in sisterhood through a shared love and vision but also understanding each other’s individual self-journey and purpose.

This is an 8 week program that consists of workshops that centers around self-love, self-awareness, and self-healing around the identities of being Asian and a women. After the 4 weeks of workshops, we will dive into creating our personal creative written pieces and practicing and sharing our pieces within our collective. It will be audio recorded towards the end of the program.

Why am I starting an Asian Women Healing and Creative Collective

I believe we have a story and voice to tell our narratives and experiences from our perspectives. We have constant healing and inner work to do in order to be our best selves and I also believe using creative mediums such as writing, poetry, and spoken word are beautiful healing tools we can use to express our authentic selves and experiences. This collective is for the ordinary beautiful Asian woman who goes to work every day. This is for the striving Asian woman artist wanting a space to have conversations to inspire her and to spark her creative mind. This is for the hardworking Asian mom who needs time for self-care and seeking more of the self. This is for the Asian woman college student figuring out where she fits into this world and coming to terms with what her identities mean to her. We CAN and We WILL Heal. We CAN and WE WILL Express ourselves. This is an intentional creative and conversational space.

This collective was created for Asian women, female identifying, non-binary individuals seeking self-growth, self-love, and self-exploration specifically in the intersections of being Asian and a woman. This is for healing and using creative mediums to guide us to a deeper awareness of the self. What does it mean to be an Asian women? How do we embrace ourselves, our sexuality, our identities, our individualism and collectivism. There will be many topics explored in our 4 week workshop sessions and then will be transitioning into the creative piece of writing down the story, the experiences we want to share in a creative word form. We also will be collectively creating one piece together as well.

Through this program we strive for these 3 goals:

  1. To provide healing and self growth for the participants in understanding their connection to their identities on a deeper level and to release any possible internalized trauma.
  2.  To provide a creative and conversational space for Asian women to utilize conversation and creative written mediums to understand and express themselves on a deeper level.
  3. To allow a deeper opening into needed conversations in the Asian community about harmful expectations, traditions, and values we hold or other important related topics.

This program is to provide artistic growth and opportunity, community, healing, self-development, and empowerment through the power of art and conversations.

Who can take part in the collective?

  • Is of or has Asian descent (south, southeast, etc)
  • Doesn’t necessarily have to identify with being a “woman.”
  • Asian Non-binary and transgender individuals who have or had the woman experience
  • 18+
  • Open to any participants residing in the U.S who has access to Zoom
  • Is able to record their creative pieces in audio form if not from the Twin Cities area in MN

What will the program consist of?

Healing through the power of words – Asian Women Healing & Creative Collective

A cohort centered around healing and creativity. It is a creative and conversational space intended for Asian women to gather to have conversations around their Asian and Women identities, and the intersectionality and complexities that intertwine with them. Through this co-hort, participants will have been able to complete an art piece(s) that adds up to 3-5 minutes worth of content for each participant. There will also be a collective piece that will be created between the participants. There will be an animator that will create a final video for the creative pieces.

This collective is an 8 week program that will take place on Mondays, once week a week from Nov 16th – Jan 14th

You will have the opportunity to gather in sessions with the other participants to discuss topics that intertwine with our identity as a woman and Asian person. What are some nuances of these identities that do no get explored often? We are going to have conversations around this. We will carry on this program through zoom. There will be a day that we will need to meet in person (if in the cities) to record the art piece. (If you are not local to the twin cities, you can record on your end)


Initial cost to participate in the program is $50. It will be deposited back to you after you complete the program. You will not get the deposit back if you withdraw before program completion.

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Schedule and topics of Program

Nov. 16 – Week 1: Introduction – The identity of being a woman. The identity of being Asian

Nov. 23rd – Week 2: Is the woman inside us beautiful, worthy, and enough?

Nov. 30th – Week 3: Sensuality, Sexuality, the Power of Being a woman

Dec 7th – Week 4: Intergenerational Healing as a collective of Women

Dec. 14th – Week 5: Creating our creative Pieces/sharing and feedback from collective

Dec. 21st (Break for Winter break/Christmas)

Dec. 28th – Week 6: Creating our creative Pieces/sharing and feedback from collective

Jan. 4th – Week 7: Practice our piece/Practice our collective piece

Weekend of Jan 8-10 Final Date TBD: Record audio of creative pieces

Jan. 11th Week 8: Closing and Final Thoughts 

Please email me for any questions.

Feel free to connect with me on my social media platforms.

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Instagram: livinwabisabi

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