Looking for committed aspiring spoken word artists

DYB Asian Women Performative Spoken Art Cohort – Through Daaamn* You’re Beautiful – Livin’ Wabi Sabi


What is it?

Your Expression. Your Art. Your Voice.

When people search “Asian Women” let it not be because they want to see someone exotic and foreign, but STRONG, FEARLESS, BEAUTIFUL ASIAN WOMEN.

Why am I starting an Asian Women Performative Spoken Art Cohort. I believe we have a story, and voice to tell stories from our perspectives. We need to come together as a collective to uplift these stories. You can be just starting out, or have been an artist for 10 years. We welcome you in whatever level you are at. We CAN and We WILL Express ourselves

DYB’s Asian Women Performative Spoken Art cohort is a program through Livin’ Wabi Sabi that is created for Asian women, female identifying, non-binary individuals seeking the opportunity to explore their creativity and desire to tell their story, express an idea, or bring awareness to an issue they are passionate about through spoken word & poetry. We want to utilize spoken art forms to uplift Asian women voices, stories, ideas, and opinions about a specific topic that they are passionate about.

Through this program we strive for these 3 goals:

  1. To provide healing and growth for the participants and allow them to find inner strength within themselves to own their truths, story, or idea
  2.  To provide artistic opportunities for Asian women who are seeking to grow their artistic talents, women who are just starting out, and/or women who want to share their truths.
  3. To allow a deeper opening into needed conversations in the Asian community about harmful expectations, traditions, and values we hold or other important topics.

This program is to provide artistic growth and opportunity, community, healing, self-development, and empowerment through the power of art.

Who can apply?

  • Is of or has Asian descent (south, southeast, etc)
  • Doesn’t necessarily have to identify with being a “woman.”
  • Asian Non-binary and transgender individuals who have or had the woman experience
  • 18+
  • Is capable to attend weekly gatherings, the final event and additional events for the program
  • Reside in or around the Twin Cities Minnesota (unless you are able to be physically present for the 2nd half of the program and is present in the Twin Cities somehow, then it should be fine)

 What will the program consist of?

This program will consist of a 10 week program from September 9th-November 11th.

You will gain guidance and one-one sessions with Cydi on how to craft your piece and follow a 5 week curriculum to explore your idea, gain tips and tricks, and to gather in conversation circles to talk of important topics in regards to what’s happening around the community. There will be 4 community artists to guest speak and give advice on how to help craft your ideas. You can possibly get 1 one-one session with the community artist of your choice.

The first 5 weeks will take place via zoom and the 2nd half will most likely be physical meets to practice your piece and performance. We will adjust plans accordingly depending on Covid-19.

After completing your art piece, we will hold an event for you to share your piece with family members and community members who wish to join.


It will be a $50 fee to join the 2 month program, but you will get it back once you complete the program. 


10 week program – Meet weekly on Wednesdays from 6:30-9:00 pm

Sept 9th-Oct 7th Virtual meetings to write/craft piece and meet with community artists

Oct 14th – Nov 11th   Working together in physical space on memorizing, performing the piece

Final Event will take place on Friday Nov. 14th

Location TBD

How to apply?

Please answer the questions below on a separate document and send it to wabisabic.y.s@gmail.com. Please label the subject “Application for the Asian Women Performative Art Cohort.”

Applications closes on Wednesday September 2nd



3 words you use to describe yourself?

Tell me a little about yourself? (work, passions, family, etc)

Why do you want to be a part of this program?

What do you want to gain through this program?

Why is art important to you?

Please share what important topic you want to highlight regarding the larger Asian community or your own specific community. (Please share a small sample of your piece)