Hello there. My name is Cydi Ywj Siab Yang and I’m Livin’ Wabi Sabi. I am a Hmong American woman who sees myself fluid as water, meaning I move in this world as a beautiful woman, but see myself in many ways. So, if you see me different than how I look, I’m open to that as well. I am an artist (Spokenword/Performer/Rapper), advocate for the value of all beings that co-exist together, healer, and a Body Image Activist. Call me a modern monk or the modern nun. I adore monks and nuns. I seek only peace and love in and for this world. I currently work at an all women’s organization that serves immigrant and refugee girls and women. I also initiated the Daaamn You’re Beautiful movement within Livin’ Wabi Sabi to spark an empowerment and sisterhood movement. I use my creative skills to create artistic projects and pieces to uplift others, help individuals seek the self, create healing, and/or find connection with people. I love to have hard conversations that brings light to taboo or controversial topics. I also do tarot sessions, so please do reach out to me if you want clarity about a situation in your life. Reach out to me with any questions you may have about self-love, relationships, life in general. I am here to answer the best that I can and hope my music, my content helps you on your journey to self-love, self-growth, and self-discovery.

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