Let’s Talk About

“Let’s Talk About” is a spoken word written and performed by my fellow cousin and co-artist Sumalee Vang and I. This spoken word is a medium to open up talking about suicide and mental health in our community, share our very personal experiences, and to shed light that there is Hope. This video was made in being part of Project Ntshav Ntuj’s Virtual 11/6/20 Concert: Because Tomorrow Matters! It was a great joy to be a part of this concert for a highly valued cause and just to be in the space with artists I adore and rising artists that will blossom. Peace and Love.

Want to watch the Full Concert? Click link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYucb_yq7tU

Cover photo Credit goes to Allen Vang: FB: AllenVangPhotographyVisual

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Published by Cydi

Cydi is a passionate writer and performative artist/rapper, who wants to utilize her talent to educate, awaken, and inspire you to find your truest, best, positive version of yourself. She is driven to create works that will inspire us as human beings in this beautiful home we call earth, to be happier, healthier and aunthentic individuals.

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