Tenacious Tuesday Heroines – Oprah Winfrey

I am starting a series called TENACIOUS TUESDAY HEROINES, where I highlight an amazing women and share her words of wisdom to you all.

This week’s Heroine is Oprah Winfrey. A philanthropist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, a fighter, a lover, a t.v host, Oprah is and has always been on fire! She is a beacon of light to women and girls all around the world. She founded a school in South Africa called Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in 2002 with the help of Nelson Mandela. For years, she has given so much to this world and used her influence to make positive changes in our society around the world! She is so compassionate and loving to everyone around her.

I especially want to commemorate her because today is her Birthday! Happy Birthday Oprah! Her story is so inspirational and Oprah has literally saved me from an un-fullfilled and painful life. She truly has been one of my greatest teachers though I’ve never met her. I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am to have studied her words, and be inspired by her presence.

Here are the top 6 quotes from Oprah that has truly resonated with me and helped me change my life.
I wrote these quotes down a year ago when I watched numerous interviews and commencement speeches Oprah participated in. It’s almost entirely her own words except for one word I took out.

Oprah taught me, that even in my broken-ness, my worst, and my lowest, I can always use my suffering as a learning experience. She showed me that I could overcome and my failures is only an experience. Just an experience.
Oprah taught me that there is a better me. There is a greater me living inside me. I just have to discover her. She motivated me to start my journey to finding myself, balancing my life, and finding out who I am in my highest form. I love you Oprah!
Oh gosh this is so simple yet so impactful. She showed me that I was born for something greater than I even knew. But maybe I did know but through time, pain, and experiences, I forgot how valuable I was. She showed me to never give up and to always believe that my life is grand and beautiful.
She helped me discover the connection I needed in order to keep fighting. Though you may not believe in a higher power, there is a bigger purpose we all are a part of. She helped me see that all humans, All of Us were born to contribute something to our world, and we need to find that through connecting ourselves to the source that brought us here.
GREATEST LIFE LESSON. I WISH I WOULD’VE KNOWN THIS EARLER. Once you know how worthy you are, you will not sit at the feet of someone that defiled you, hurt you, and broke you. You will know exactly what you deserve. Greatest life lesson to be learned.
I was always truthful and always felt bad for lying. People around encouraged and influenced me to lie. It never felt right but I did lie at times. Oprah showed me with her words, that being truthful is always the way and I knew at that moment, the way I saw things was always right. And I continued to be who I was despite what others told me. Truth is the way to set you free no matter how much it hurts.

Peace and Love y’all!

Wabi Sabi

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