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Asian Women Performative Spoken Art Cohort applications are now open! We are looking for aspiring Asian women spoken word artists/poets/writers/storytellers to be part of this cohort!

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hope and IWelcome everyone. My name is Cydi Ywj Siab Yang. You can call me Cydi. I created Livin’ Wabi Sabi for two reasons: to fully express myself as an artist through music, and blogging, and holding conversations and conversation circles on taboo, out of the norm, controversial, women/female identifying, gender identity topics and ideas that needs to be voiced and explored in order for our society, our community, and humanity to expand and progress forward as a moral, loving, sacred, and heightened society.

I do speak on many issues involving the Hmong community in which I identify as my ethnicity, but I also bring light to issues that affects all of us and other communities that live as one with me.

I want to connect with you. I want you to express your highest, truest self. I am a truth-seeker. I think since you’re here, you are too. I am gender fluid. You can call me she, he, they, what ever my vibes are to you.

Do you need advice on any of these topics/ideas that I write, sing/rap, and speak about? Feel free to email me any burning questions that you are seeking to expand your knowledge on. I would love to have a conversation with you.

Come on this journey with me to truth, knowledge, self-love, and healing.

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Wabi Sabi

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