Livin’ Wabi Sabi


Livin’ Wabi Sabi

Livin’ Wabi Sabi was created to bring content that promotes healing, self-awareness and growth, artistic expressions, and important conversations that are needed in order for each individual to achieve a higher level of awareness of themselves and the world around them, to be enlightened by conversations and ideas that pushes them to think deeper than what they believe in or have previously have been informed. I do create a lot of content around uplifting women experiences, voices, and ideas, and authentic beauty to balance the masculine and feminine vibrations in this world. I love when my WOMEN are empowered.

It’s a space where spirituality and reality and all things in between come together. There are no boundaries and limitations to what is expressed on this platform. Be ready to be enlightened, challenged, and moved in way where YOU will want to search for the answers that only YOU know once you embark on the journey to KNOW THYSELF.

Blog & Podcast

Bi-weekly, I will release a podcast and related blog post involving a variety of topics, whether it is about healing, self-love, or taboo and controversial topics I want to bring light to. I will also have guests on occasionally to bring their perspectives around certain topics.

Creative Updates

Stay updated on my artistic ventures. I love to use art specifically spoken word & music as a medium to bring healing, connection, and authentic expression of the self.

Book a Tarot Session with me

I am a practicing tarot reader. I am here to assist you in the way that I can to help you gain clarity or further your personal awareness of yourself.


Livin’ Wabi Sabi

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