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Mama – Wabi Sabi

hope and I

Wanting to live a grand, simple, purposeful, and loving life with my dog Hope

Welcome. Cydi Ywj Siab Yang created the blog Livin’ Wabi Sabi to share their writing, life tips, and music that centers around this motto “Wabi Sabi.”

They are a free spirit and are not tied to this motto, but honors it and uses it as a tool to direct them and others to a fuller, happier, simpler, grander life experience.

“Wabi Sabi,” finding perfection in the imperfection, accepting things as they are without wanting to change or “beautify” it, seeing things in a beautiful, natural, and simplistic way. 

Cydi incoporates this motto “Wabi Sabi” in their art/writing to enlighten others on how to view themselves positively, how to live fully and peacefully, and how to see the world in this way.

Cydi is a writer, a passionate performative artist/rapper and they use these mediums for their own healing and for others to heal, to feel connected, and to be empowered to self-love, self-invest, so they can achieve their own definition of happiness and their best selves.

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Wabi Sabi

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